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Your emergency, after hours, nursing triage service


PRN INC. PC (Positive Reinforcement Nursing) is your emergency, after hours, nursing triage service. We are THE ANSWER to maintaining a desirable quality of life, while being on-call.

We are confident that we can provide an invaluable service to the patients and physicians of your practice. PRN INC. PC is a specialty focused Telephone Triage Service Company based in Lawsonville, North Carolina.

Our team of Registered Nurses have extensive training in triage with an average of 17 years nursing experience.

PRN INC. PC is not, nor do we try to be, a substitute for our physicians. We have 24-hour access to them and any scenario requiring their attention will be forwarded immediately. Patients will never be denied the chance to speak with their doctor, or the doctor on-call, if they feel it is necessary. However, we are highly trained and experienced and typically resolve as much as 98% of after hour calls. We strive to maintain a very high degree of patient satisfaction. We follow nationally proven protocols written by Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson. We then refer to the specific MD’s addendums and standing orders to assure patients are being given the advice that their provider has approved.

We utilize software which allows us the ability to fax patient notes to your office immediately following a call. It also provides a MD on-call scheduler so you can update via the internet in “live time.” Each call is recorded for quality assurance review and many other specialized features are accessible with this software.

We maintain strict HIPAA compliance.

We use a friendly live answering service to greet your patients and place the calls in a live queue for our nurses to access. We also provide a personal URL for each practice so your patients can initiate the call from their computer or cell phones, bypassing the answering service and placing the request for a call straight into the nursing queue.

We provide detailed training that continues for 6 months, followed by strict quality assurance review. Patient satisfaction surveys are a part of the quality assurance program.

Pricing will be discussed to best fit your practice needs.

The quality of our service can be best evaluated through speaking with our current satisfied customers and references are available upon request.